Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start/stop my water service?

If you are an existing Heights Water customer you can transfer your service if you are moving within the District. If you are new to the District you will need to fill out a service agreement and pay a deposit to start water service. If you are simply stopping service you can call the office and set up the day you wish your service to stop and give a forwarding address so we can send you your final statement.

How do I shut my water off?

You should have a valve located beneath your water meter which is usually located in a utility room. Closing this valve should shut the water off to your home. If you have a bad valve or need the water shut off outside the home you can call the office and set up a time for a serviceman to come and shut off your curb stop until the repairs are made.

I have a meter pit in my yard that’s leaking, do I have to repair it or does the District?

The homeowner is responsible for the meter pit located in your yard. The District is only responsible for the meter located in the meter pit. It is important to maintain your meter pit and keep it from damaging the meter inside to avoid having to pay for damages to the water meter.

What part of my water service line is the District responsible for?

The District maintains your service line from the water main to and including the curb stop located on your property. Each homeowner pays an insurance fee each month to the District to maintain that portion. The service from the curb stop into property including the meter loop is the responsibility of the homeowner.

When does the District read my meter?

The District reads your water meter once a month typically during the third week of each month. The bill goes out the last working day of the month and are due on the 10th.

My water was shut off for non-payment what do I need to do?

The District does shut offs for non-payment once a month for accounts that are 60 days past due. If you have lost service due to this you need to call the office to pay the past due balance and fees before your water service will be restored. Keep in mind if you do not restore service before 8:30 pm you will have to wait until the next day to get your service turned back on.

My water line is frozen what should I do?

If your water line has frozen you should call a plumber for service to thaw out your line. There are many products available such as heat tape that you can use to keep your line from freezing if you feel your line may be susceptible to freezing or have inadequate insulation.

I found a card on my door that says my meter isn’t working what does this mean?

If a serviceman hangs a tag about your meter it means the meter has stopped working or the transponder attached to the meter has stopped working. If you get this card simply call the office to set up a time the serviceman can come over and repair the problem. The District is responsible for the meter and there is no charge to the homeowner for the repair unless it was damaged due to neglect or tampering.

Who do I call to report a water main break?

If you see water coming up in the street or on your property call the office number right away. The District has someone on call at all times to respond to emergencies.

I need to have my water shut off for repairs on the weekend will the District charge me for this?

The District will charge an overtime fee for any non-emergency call that a serviceman is called out for after hours or on weekends and holidays.

I am a landlord does the District have a landlord agreement?

Yes the District does have a landlord agreement application that you can fill out at the office if you choose to have one on the property you manage. A landlord agreement is an agreement that helps property owners who rent properties make easier transitions where changing tenants are concerned. It is a useful tool in maintaining water service to the property when and if situations arise involving tenant changes. For more information please contact our office.

My water bill went up considerably is there something wrong with my meter?

The water meter in your home will only move if water goes through the meter. Typically as the meter gets older it will slow down and not read as accurately. If your water consumption has gone up it usually means there has been an active leak somewhere in your home. You can lift the cover on your water meter and see if the red dial is moving. If it is and you are not running water there is a leak. If it isn’t moving it may have been a leaking toilet or other fixture that wasn’t seated or shut off all the way until its next use.

Can I pay my sewer bill with my water bill?

No, you will need to remit your sewer and garbage bill to the City of Billings Public Utilities Department.

What information do you have for home leaks?

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